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Company Objectives

Project Description and Objective

This project called has as main objective to create a website that brings energy news for all energy types under one platform. The result of this project is a website that brings together news from oil & gas, renewables energies, nuclear and coal. Renewables energies include solar, wind energy, biomass, hydroelectric and other forms of energy. This information shall be professionally written or selected and displayed in the website in an easily accessible and readable form.

All forms of energy are within the scope of this project. The website aims to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Provide comprehensive energy information to its users.
  • Its artistic design should be appealing and allow users to easily access and read energy news of their choosing.
  • The sorting and presentation of info shall allow it to bring comprehensive energy news to its users.
  • Provide a comprehensive energy outlook from energy experts and research institutions to its users.
  • Provide energy related education, research and university information
  • Provide energy production and utilization information and short, medium and long term forecasts.
  • Provide opinions of politicians, energy experts, society concerns and environmental organizations and general community matters related to energy.
  • Users should be able to see a summary page containing important information from all forms of energy.
  • Users should also be able to quickly access the form of energy they are interested in.
  • A summary page for each type of energy shall be available
  • Provide career news and job opportunities information to energy professionals
  • Advertisements are allowed from energy companies and other parties. However, advertisement messages/information must not clutter the website nor become annoying to users

Competitive Advantage

Founders of this website have identified a niche in energy news portals. There is no website that brings together news on fossil and renewable energy under one platform. This present a business opportunity and a challenge that this project aims to resolve.

This project is conducted by energy experts, who have spent more than 40 years (combined) in the energy business working internationally. This wealth of experience will enable us to generate, identify, analyze and present vital and important news and information on all forms of energy.

The company name is Planet Online, a Texas Limited Liability Company located in Houston, Texas, USA and with major presence in continental Europe.


There are certain contents that should not be allowed on the site because they share one or more of the following characteristics: illegal, inappropriate, offensive, unethical or immoral or present a reputational risk. Some examples of these forbidden are: pictures or advertisements containing sexually explicit materials, violence pictures, spasms or virus that could harm our infrastructures and our users’ computers. (This list of examples is for illustration only and not meant to be all comprehensive).

The website editors and administrators reserve the right the delete any information or comment published by users that violate the above rule or any other policies of Planet Online LLC.


We have used the following logos

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