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Drilling succesfully completed for geothermal district heating project in Paris, France


Drilling has been successfully completed for a geothermal district heating project in two municipalities in the greater Paris area of France.

The drilling campaign for the geothermal district heating project in the municipalities of Grigny and Viry-Chatillon, in the vicinity of Paris, has been successfully completed by the developer  Societe d´Exploitation de Energies Renouvelables (SEER)

The drilling rig that was rented for the task has finalized drilling the well to a depth of 1,650 m in the Dogger formation. Between September and December 2016, two wells have been directionally drilled (with an inclination of 40 degrees) from a single pad where they are separated by 10 meters. The two wells, one producer and one injector, are separated by 1250 m at depth to insure the thermal lifespan without cooling the water over the next 30 years. The water produced will be at a temperature of 71°C with a flow of 300 m3/h, the annual production of heat will be 50,000 MWh.

In a few weeks, the construction of the network and sub-stations should start, to connect in 2017 with more than 9000 houses located in the cities of Grigny and Viry-Chatillon. This heat network will spare from releasing 21000 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Thanks to Bastien Poux for sending in this article.

Source: Construction Cayola


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