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2016 China Geothermal International Forum, Beijing, Nov 17-18, 2016


China has shown increasing interest in geothermal energy development, not only at home with a focus on district heating, but also internationally, so I am very much looking forward speaking at the 2016 China Geothermal International Forum in Beijing this week.

En route to Beijing/ China, I am very  much looking forward speaking at the 2016 China Geothermal International Forum. With

Taking place in Bejing the event is organised by China’s Sinopec. At the instructions of the National Energy Administration(NEA), Sinopec operated the national geothermal energy development and utilization research and technology application center, and completed the compiling of geothermal energy development and utilization plan of China.

All of these played an active role in promoting scientific, healthy and orderly development of China’s geothermal industry.

I am looking forward to hear about geothermal development plans in China and of the activities of Chinese firms in China, but also internationally.

Presenting on behalf of the International Geothermal Association (IGA), I will talk about IGA, the current status of geothermal development and an outlook for geothermal energy both in power generation and direct use.

With an ever increasing energy demand and efforts to improve air quality, there have been made big efforts on developing geothermal heating projects in China. Sinopec is operating a geothermal heating company, Sinopec Green Energy.

Sinopec will build 20 smoke-free cities in the future! Geothermal energy is a renewable and clean energy resource with huge reserve potentials and wide distribution. Sinopec started its exploration and development in 1996. The company is the largest conventional geothermal development and utilization company in China. In 2015, Sinopec achieved 6 major results in geothermal resource development and utilization.

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