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Pre-salt production exceeds 1 MMbopd, Petrobras says


RIO DE JANEIRO — Pre-salt production now accounts for 40% of the oil produced from facilities operated by Petrobras in Brazil.

On May 8, oil production from facilities operated by Petrobras in the Brazilian pre-salt layer broke a new record, surpassing 1 MMbpd. Of this total, more than 70% of the volume produced corresponded to Petrobras’ share. As a result, the pre-salt fields in the Santos and Campos basins now account for around 40% of oil production operated by Petrobras in Brazil.

This was achieved less than 10 years after the discovery of these deposits, in 2006, and less than 2 years after production of 500,000 bopd was achieved, in July 2014. By way of comparison, Petrobras only reached output of 1 MMbopd in 1998, 45 years after it was established.

The new record was obtained using just 52 production wells. Petrobras’ first 1 MMbopd, achieved in 1998, involved contributions from more than 8,000 production wells.

“Pre-salt production projects are now Petrobras’ main focus of investment, due to their strategic importance and high profitability. Together with other projects in our portfolio, they guarantee greater predictability for our production targets and curve,” Solange Guedes, the company’s E&P director, said.


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