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Recent volcano reminder of Japan’s geothermal opportunity


The incredible power of the earth’s energy is once again a reminder of the largely untapped potential for geothermal power generation for the Asian nation.

The Japanese authorities have been ordered to evacuate the 113 residents of the island of Kuchinoerabu, in southwestern Japan, due to the strong eruption of volcano Shindake, said Friday the public broadcaster NHK.

Considering the recent announcement from the Japanese government to move back to nuclear power following the Fukushima accident, it would be wise to give renewables and more specifically, geothermal an opportunity to develop.

The following is a short video that captures the moment of the volcanic explosion.

WATCH: The Moment Japan’s Mount Shindake volcano erupts in spectacular fashion. Kuchinoerabu island is evacuated after eruption on Friday morning. Ash cloud from Japan’s Mount Shindake volcano. A volcano erupted on a small island in southern Japan on Friday spewing towering black-gray clouds into the sky in a spectacular display.



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